Professionalism Redefined

A professional is a member of a profession. The term also describes the standards of education and training that prepare members of the profession with the particular knowledge and skills necessary to perform the role of that profession.

What this quote from Wikipedia is saying is true, a professional is basically a person playing a structured role in a profession, but for my first post on this blog, i want to describe it as something more.


For me, a role or part in a structured theme is only part of the picture. The professional needs to be me. I need to be a major player personally, in the world i choose to stake my claim in. There should be very little difference between who i am personally and how i approach my work.

This means a couple important things:

  • Maintaining the same moral standard i would show at work, in all parts of myself.
    • If i hold my actions to a higher level at home and around my children, there is no pretending in the professional world. I can come to work as the same person that walked out of my house. No need to act or force actions.
  • Approaching problems in my personal life as if they were part of a defined structure.
    • At work, often there are policies and a sort of structure or ladder of who to take your problems to. It is important to know the structure and policies and act accordingly, but to be self sufficient and manage your problems before they become somebody else’s problem is also important. Stay calm and procedurally cross issues off the list.

In my opinion, being one person, one Adam, is a the easiest way to trudge through life, no lies, no act. Of course at work there are different people to interact with and for each person, actions should vary based on the sensitivities of the individuals. But for the most part, i believe the straight line to ease and comfort in a professional world, is drawn with honesty and integrity.

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