When Enough Is Not Enough

There are times when every action you take doesn’t seem to do anything. When you’re huffing exhaustedly from effort on something in your life and every breath seems unnoticed. Places where you seem invisible despite screaming until your face is blue. When enough is not enough.

For this problem, i present the Dunning-Kruger Effect. It is a principle that states the highly skilled often underestimate their competence, and that the extremely confident can be unable to recognize their incompetence.


When you think you’re the only one who cares, or the only one working, maybe you are. But according to Dunning-Kruger, it also means you could be highly competent and are already over-achieving. You may be unable to recognize that you’ve gone farther than needed because you always think you haven’t done enough.

It may seem that the ones who do the least work are getting the most reward, and seem the most confident.

And they probably are.

But these are the individuals who are working at the bare minimum or below, and talking the most about their small contribution instead of actually contributing. This is not rewarding or something to be proud of. Do not worry about these people, or bad leadership of them. These people aren’t making any differences.

Make It You

You are the one who has worked so hard! It is not for credit, it is to complete the task, and to do it the best you can. You do not need to explain yourself or beg for attention. You’ve already done it. You’re already the best at it, make it you. Others can’t continue taking credit for your work or efforts when they don’t understand it. Eventually, their flaw will be seen and it will be obvious that it was you. If you just make it you and stand behind it.

Pretend confidence. you deserve at least that.

And remember… You are already the one doing it best. Believe it. Make it you. You’re worth it.

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