picture of Adam and ChewbaccaHello, I am Adam. I am using this blog to collect my perceptions of the professional world and have some fun.

I am married and have two young boys. I am currently working my way through college, gaining skills and experience as a web developer. Here is my personal web portfolio and resume. I also write and maintain a fun blog for my youngest sons drawings, and a web site for my family history.

I enjoy owls, anybody else like owls? I have a small collection of porcelain ones. I enjoy working on, and driving my 1964 Chevy Van. I have been a drummer for 25 years, playing and recording all kinds of music, as well as my own compositions. I draw comics about my experiences with autism, as a father of an autistic child, and diagnosed on the spectrum myself. I also love to listen to music and collect records, contributing to the Discogs Database.

I hope you can relate to some of the stuff i am sharing here, and your time has been spent enjoyably. I should say that:

    • My opinions and ideas here do not reflect any business or entity other than myself.
    • Any tips or advice i may give on this site should not be confused as medical or psychological advice.
    • I will ask you to keep comments clean or i reserve the right to alter or delete them at my discretion.

You may contact me through the contact form. Thank you for looking!
Adam with fist in air